Pump speed 480? WTH? 1st day on NxStage, Very worried

No to get volume they need height and weight. So I have a 24 kilo dialysate and 33 ff, which usually means about 3 hours at 450, I’ll check tonight what the difference would be at 400 or 350 bfr. Since I run for about 3 hours daily and get good numbers I go ahead and speed it up when I can. But that is the reason you can do nocturnal, just run at a low bfr and dialysate rate until the time is 8 hours.


Once you meet your goal, you turn the dialysate rate all the way up right? How much time left after reaching your goal?

Gus it varies, but usually cuts the time by as few as 5 minutes or as many as 20 obviously the higher being when I have little fluid to remove so it runs at 8.9 for most of the run. Since I need 24 liters it is still closer to 3 hours than 2.


Oh okay, my FF is almost close to yours…mine is 30 …and I don’t turn up the dialysate rate after my goal is reached, that way I can dialyze the max…so in my case, I am about 5foot tall using FF30, 15liters, 370 -450 blood pump speed and get a max of 2:45min…until then all dialysate is gone with none left…sometimes when I miss a day I do 3:45min but I add another bag for that…

I think to do Nocturnal you’d need to lower the FF…maybe somewhere around 25 - 29…

Hi Guys

Just reading on some of the treatment times and I am 6’3" and I usually run at 400 on my NXstage FF30.
If I run at 400 taking off 1.5 to 2 Kilo’s it takes me 2:50 to 3 hours.
Even if it’s as much as 3 kilo’s it would take just 3 hours.
I couldn’t see it lasting 4 hours. I use a pwema-cath and that’s why I can’t get the real high rates for my flow rate. Is there a difference in the NXstage machine from one to another?
3 hours max unless your FF rate changes, I know my NXstage unit will decrease the FF towards the end on the session. I’ll look at it when there is only maybe .5 and less to take off and ff is at 25.
I just don’t see 4 hours.

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Have read this thread over twice and it is still not clear to us how NxStage operates differently from a standard machine. Can someone take a crack at explaining it again?

As previously posted, the dialysate rate is the only difference…maybe this might give you a hint

Learned if one is a smaller volume person, he can run at 350 blood pump speed on NxStage and the tx length will only be about 2 1/2 -2 3/4 hrs. depending upon how much fluid is to be removed.