Question About NxStage Wattage

Hi all:

Just wondering if anybody knows what wattage the NxStage Pureflow System One machine pulls? Looking at purchasing a separate generator should we lose power and believe me, when we lose power, we are out for a few days.

Looking at a 2600 watt generator - don’t know if that would run it or not. Any comments here?

Hi Catwoman,

There was a looonng discussion of this very question earlier. You can find earlier threads by using the search function for these message boards (above, in the blue bar). I did that search for you, and here is the thread: You’ll find lots of good info there. :slight_smile:

Hi Folks

Hi CatWomen

What you get depends on your location. Do yo own the home? How much in the house uses electric? Do you lose power often? And the big question would be the $$ you have to spend.

We put in a whole house generator , everything in our house is on electric, in ground water pump, stove, heat etc. We put out $ 8000.00 for a generator it runs the whole house, no getting up at all, power goes out, the generator kicks in …

bob obrien

That’s very cool, Bob! How long can it run? I assume it uses gasoline?

Hi Folks

It runs on propane and we have a two 100 gallon tanks. we also have a propane wall mounted heater.
The generator already has been put to use.

bob obrien

If there’s a big storm, I’m coming to your house. :wink: