Question on patient line

I am currently on hemodialysis and have an assessment next week to do peretonial dialysis.

I go to the bathroom frequently due to bad bowel / GI issues. Can the patient line be long enough to take me to the bathroom so I don’t have to disconnect and reconnect every time. Bathroom is about 25 feet from my bed. Thank you :pray:

There are line extensions that your clinic can get you. Let the nurse know what you need.

How long have you had the bowel issues and has a GI doctor evaluate the cause and whether there is treatment for it?

You might want to ask to join this group for home dialysis patients and those who care about them at Facebook Groups. It’s a closed group so your health issues are kept private. You will be asked to answer 3 questions to be accepted by one of the moderators into the group. There are nearly 6000 people who are members, including PD and home hemodialysis patients.

Beth. Thx a lot. Have visited two gi docs all tests done. But nothing yet. Yes I have applied to the FB group. Thx again

I have been on PD for nearly a year. If you end up with the Baxter Home Choice Pro machine a three prong cassette has a reach of about 21 feet. Ask your PD clinic if you can get an extension line for about 10 feet. But do be aware that extension can’t be reused otherwise you risk infections.

I was on PD for 4 years and used and extension. Also for your GI issues I had similar problems and after doing my own research found out I was gluten intolerant. Going on the paleo diet helped with it. You also may want to consider a food sensitivity test to see if anything else affects you.

Thank you both so sharing this information.