Reaching for the Stars Dialysis Heros

Many of the folks who are on this listserve are wonderful things to help out other dialysis patients. Gus, especially so, since you provide this great forum for us. Below is an award application to recognize people who gives something of themselves to help others in the dialysis community. While it is supported by the not for profit DaVita Patient Citizens one does not need to be associated with DaVita. Please use the form to nominate someone who you think is making a difference in the lives of dialysis patient. Don’t be shy to nominate yourself. Erich

Reaching for the Stars
Recognizing DPC Heroes
Award Application

dpc hero award n.: The DPC Hero is a person who gives something of themselves to help others, and in doing so, makes a difference in someone’s life. A DPC Hero is empowered and looks to empower those around them. A DPC Hero can a be a patient, a family member, a doctor, a nurse, a provider, or someone from the community.

Nominees will be judged by the DaVita Patient Citizen board members and selected at the end of each month,Starting in April.

Nominees are not limited to those affiliated with DPC.

Your Name:

Your Address:

Nominee Name:

Your Relationship to Nominee:

Nominee Contact Information:

On a separate piece of paper, please explain in 300 words or less why you feel this person is deserving of the DPC Hero Award.

E-mail nominations to or mail to:

DaVita Patient Citizens ATTN: DPC Hero Award
1155 15th Street N.W., Suite 1100
Washington, D.C. 20005

Oops, that would be Heroes. I forgot the e. Sorry. Erich

One more correction. My reference to Gus was for him providing the Nx Stage User forum on Yahoo which now boasts over 54 members. I realize Home Dialysis Central, Dori et al., provide this fabulous forum. Both are Heroes in my book. Erich

Speaking of the Yahoo NxStage Users’ Group, I urge all NxStage Users to join. We always have quite spirited discussions relating to our experiences with NxStage. This is not to diminish the importance and relevance of the HDC Forum, but the Users’ Group discussions are certainly more focussed specifically on NxStage and not generic home dialysis issues for which HDC may be more appropriate.

Oh geez, I don’t feel like have done enougb to recieve an award like that, though am a member on Davita Citizens am sure other members of the community have gone farther lengths than I have and think they deserve the award. Other than that we greatly appreciate the support and we really hope its about you, the community and certainly NOT about me…

As you know, Home Dialysis Central is the homebase for all home dialysis patients regardless what machine they use and as you can see am a BIG supporter of this website.

I believe that newcomers or those patients who are getting ready, preparing themselves to go home, this place is the best place for them to learn more.

For people who are already using Nxstage System One, “Nxstage Users Group” is their place to be.