Recycling Containers?

I was lurking on here in August or September and saw where someone posted a note on various ways to recycle bi-carbonate containers. I’ve done several searches and can’t find that info again, anywhere. Could someone help me??


CosmicKelly & Keith Harrington :slight_smile: <Thinking that the tryptophan myth might just really be true!!>

Hi CK & KH
Are you thinking of this thread?

I think someone mentioned the ‘bicart’ being used in the garden or something.

Most of the packing/plastics etc goes into the bin.

Cardboard gets collected by the local council once a week for recycling as does the clinical waste (yellow bags) & sharps bins if they’re full, for incineration.

Yes, I think that was the one!! Thank you so much for your response!!

For some reason, I was remembering (incorrectly) that it was the plastic that people were freecycling. I completely forgot about the boxes. Interesting that I should forget about the boxes!! I just had 62 of them delivered here last week!!

Thanks again and Best Wishes!!

CosmicKelly :slight_smile: