Regular method or Buttonhole

My husband is on home dialysis, we have been using his permcath and are just starting to use his fistula, he will be sticking himself, we are trying to decide which method to use the regular needle placement or button hole, his doctor said the choice was his, we would like to hear from both sides to help us understand all this.
Thank you

The buttonhole technique can only be done with a fistula.

– Less (no) pain
– Less visible cannulation sites
– Less chance of developing aneurysms
– Less scarring along the access
– Dull needles have less potential to damage the blood vessel and surrounding tissues even if you do nocturnal dialysis.

– It takes a few treatments using sharp needles to develop the track.
– It’s best if the same person (the patient) does the needle sticks so he/she knows the angle to use – when multiple people stick the access, one may not insert the needle the same as another and finding the track may not be easy.

Others may have more advantages and disadvantages than I listed here.

BTW, here’s info from this site on buttonholes:

Definately, buttonhole method is the way to go…you will both be relieved from using painful sharps forever!

Checkout these videos

Hi Galloway
The best thing about buttonholes is the stress of needling goes from about 90% with sharps and the stepladder method to under 10% with blunts and buttonholing. The reason this is so , for me, is with a fairly new and small fistula ( I started buttonholing after 4 months) you don’t have to be hit and miss about things. It is a TOTAL relief and for me made dialysis much more bearable. Also, no pain as Gus says and no local anaesthetic and…not to be underated, no major scarring and the rest of the fistula is still there in tact for if and when you ever need it.
Cheers and best of luck 8)

Definitely buttonholes ! I’d repeat everything said above…