Reposionning of pd catheter

:? Hi everybody,
I had my surgery oct.6 and now I’ve been having pain on my right side like bad cramping.I was fine until last week.The x-ray showed that my catheter is too high and was located exactly were I had that pain.Now ,my doctor said it needs to be repositionned.I’d like to know if someone had that problem before.

Sorry for such a late reply, but I just read your post. My catheter occasionally migrates up into my ribs. The first time this happened, I mentioned the sharp pain to my nurse and they took an x-ray to confirm that it was indeed the catheter. They planned to give me surgery to reposition the catheter. However, by the time they got everything together, my catheter had migrated again into an acceptable position. It does still go up into my ribs, but usually doesn’t stay there for more than a week or two. You might try a dialysis approved laxative to make sure constipation isn’t making things worse. Good luck!

:slight_smile: Hi,JD
thank you for your answer.
I went to the hospital for the procedure and the doctor saw that my catheter was finally back to the right place so everything was cancelled.
I’ve been feeling pretty good for 6 days now.hopefully ,it’s gonna stay that way.
take care,

Hi Dynagirl-

Glad to hear your catheter moved to its proper place. That’s exactly what happened with me. It does really hurt, though, when its up in your ribs. My catheter doesn’t like to stay in one place. I’m just really happy when it spends the majority of its time in the right position.

Take care!