Return of the Webinars!

Hi y’all,

We’ve finally found and tested a new webinar platform, and we’ll be restarting our webinars in March–door prizes and all! (Stay tuned for an announcement & link).

For our first topic, we’re bringing back the ever-popular Dr. John Agar from Australia, for a sort of “open mic.” Keeping in mind that Dr. Agar cannot answer your personal medical questions, what sorts of things would you like to learn about? We’ll gather questions here, sift through them, and he’ll choose several to address during the session. Since he’ll need time to put some slides together, we’d like questions from y’all by Weds, March 4.

Let us know what you’d like to know about home dialysis!

Hi y’all,

Today is our deadline for questions, so if you have any on PD for Dr. Agar, please post 'em here. :slight_smile: