Reverse omosis units that recycle

Does anyone know who makes an R/O that recycles the waste water? I’ve sent emails to the 3 companies listed in Home Dialysis Central’s equipment section, so hopefully I’ll hear back from one of them. However, the plumber wants to come out next week to get my house set up for nocturnal, so I need to move quickly on this if there’s different plumbing requirements.

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Yes, I believe there even may be more than one. I do think that one is manufactured by Fresenius, I do not think the plumbing requirements vary, simply need a water supply, a sink is nice too.

Fresenius 9/04-3/06
NxStage 3/06-

I had one of those at first. There’s no change in plumbing - just a water supply pipe and a drain pipe. As far as I can tell, it’s identical to what you would need to connect a new washer if you didn’t already have one.

The Fresenius Machine recycles the waste water. I use one. The plumbing requirements are the same as for any RO. I think it’s called ECO50 and then there is also an ECO70 machine. If you need the information to be 100% accurate I’ll check tonight. I am not sure I have the initials correct.