RV'ing and PD/CCPD

Has anyone had experience RV’ing on dialysis? I am about to go on dialysis and would still like to use my motorhome

Hi Bugler,

As long as you can wash your hands, control air flow, and wear a face mask so you can do your exchanges as you’re taught, it should certainly be possible to do PD in an RV. I know of a number of folks who’ve done home hemo in RV’s, on cruises, etc.

The amount of space that the PD solution would take up is a challenge you’d need to solve. Of course, solution for a week takes up only 1/4 as much room as solution for a month…

The companies that make the solution will ship it to you, but you’d need receiving addresses. (This might mean being a bit less spontaneous about where you go). Just the other day, someone told me about a patient who was able to work out a deal with WalMart for this–parking the RV in the parking lot and picking up supplies that were shipped to the store. So, there are certainly any number of ways to be creative about it.

Thaks for the helpful information. I really appreciate it. Bugler21

Glad to share ideas that have worked for other people, Bugler. Often, if you have a question, your own PD nurse can handle it over the phone. But you might also want to keep a list of PD clinics near where you’ll be that use the same equipment (you’d have to call ahead to find that out), in case you need a clamp, an emergency bag, or someone to look at something while you’re away.