Script change

My first post here…

I’ve been on PD for 15 months (I was on hemo for about a month before going on PD). Lately I’ve been having a recurance of urema symptoms. The PD clinic increase my fills (from 2.5l to 3l) and dwell times (from ~ 60 min to 90 min per exchange at night). Does anyone have any idea how long it will take before the symptoms subside?

Has your clinic measured how adequate your dialysis is? That would be a test I’d want to know. It might be possible that you’ll need to add an exchange during the day. It may even be necessary for you to change to hemodialysis to get enough dialysis.

If you must change to hemodialysis to get enough dialysis, I’d suggest that you consider home hemodialysis. You already know a lot about taking care of yourself at home and home hemodialysis can give you a sense of freedom and accomplishment similar to PD.