Short daily txs and po4

From the time I started sdd txs my po4 has been in the 4’s, whereas I usually was in the 5’s on 3x week dialysis. Have taken the same number of binders as before which is 4 renagels. Have now been doing daily about 6 mo. and my po4 was way down to 3.2 this month which really surprised me as I ate quite a few extra high phos items this month seeing how far I could stretch the limits. Has anyone else had this experience where it has taken you about this long to see your po4 go down this far? I was told to cut down on my Renagels to 3. Of course my po4 results could of been a lab error. Wondering what the pattern has been for others as far as how long it took for your po4 to really drop low and allow you to cut binders partially or completely?

I have had a similar response to short daily. I have been doing it for 18 months and my PHO is down in the low 4’s. I used to have to take 4 renagels when I ate a high phos meal. Now I am cutting back to 3 r-gels. My parathyroid has been a little wacky tho - p high one month then down the next. Used hecterol but that brought it way down. I am surpised too about my pho labs - I didn’t expect them to go down so much.

More frequent treatments (especially nocturnal HHD) controls phosphorus much better than conventional 3 times a week dialysis for 3-4 hours/treatment. Several have posted that with nocturnal they have reduced or eliminated their need for phosphate binders and some people have to supplement phosphorus to keep their labs within normal limits. I suspect you won’t miss having to take extra pills either from the hassle of taking them or their cost.

Does Hectorol affect phos or just pth? Because I just started taking Hectorol and then my phos dropped a lot.