Shortness of breath on Nxstage

Have you ever heard of someone having mild shortness of breath for about 30 minutes after starting on Nxstage treatment? The person I help with Nxstage was fine incenter. Now that he has started HHD he has mild distress after about 15 minutes on treatment and then it totally resolves after 30 to 45 minutes. The physician or nurse had never heard of this, an echo was ordered- normal, lungs checked-normal, labs reviewed- normal. I’ve done some research both through nxstage and looking for scholarly sources, but haven’t been able to find any other issues similar to this. Any advice where to look or what maybe causing this?

Put a plus oximetry on her finger and let me no the results. I had one of patent like this back in 2014 . They where but on oxygen for 1 hour never did find out what caused it. It finality went away after 6 month

I wonder if you might be having a mild allergic reaction. If so, flushing the prime out of the dialyzer prior to hooking up helps this. The users guide has information about this but you would need instructions from your nurse first. If your nurse isn’t familiar with this technique, he/she could call the NxStage nurse. It requires a second bag of saline.

I am on a Fresenius 5008S machine in a clinic (not NxStage) but I believe I experience something similar. I first noticed it when I transitioned from HD to HDF. Around 10-15 minutes after commencing HDF dialysis there is a fairly sudden onset of “tightness” body-wide but especially in the chest. It could, I guess, be interpreted by some people as “shortness of breath” but it isn’t really as I can still get enough air. It stays for about 10-15 minutes and gradually fades away. It doesn’t return for the remainder of the dialysis. From the information I have read about HDF, what I am experiencing appears to be an initial hydrostatic pressure imbalance as the Convection component of the dialysis is set up by the machine. Later, as the fluid input and output achieves equilibrium, the pressure sensation subsides. I guess some people are more sensitive to this pressure imbalance sensation than others and that’s why not everyone feels it?

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