Shortness of breath

My husband has been on hemo dialysis for about 5 months when wew decided to try the cycler at home. Went through all the training and last week was his first night. It was a disaster! After the first fill he had such shortness of breath I called the PD nurse and we bypassed the dwell. She had me refill and see whart happeds and it was worse. Has anyone had this experience and what can we do to continue home dialysis. His doctor said to go back to hemo. We do not want to if possible.

Hi Ruth

This is the home hemodialysis forum (HD). This is dialysis with a dialysis machine just like at a dialysis centre. I think you want to post this in the PD forum, since it sounds like your husband is now on peritoneal dialysis (PD) with an automatic cycler at home. Having been on hemodialysis for quite some time, I actually do know a few people who switched from hemodialysis to peritoneal dialysis but who were back in the hemodialysis centre after a few weeks or months, for various reasons such as leaks from the peritoneum to the lungs, infections, inadequate dialysis, etc.

I hope your husband can get to stay on PD. I know most problems can be sorted out. Good luck.


hey this is just a suggestion but you might want to try home hemo if the pertineal dont work i am hoping it does because its a great feeling to be home. hang in there. and best wishes