Sleepover in church for womens group

My church is having this sleepover for the women on feb. 25.26, dinner, worship, fun, fellowship…I am concerned about going due to my pd. I usually used a cycler overnight, but that is not feasible there, so I thought about doing capd…but i worry about where, will it be clean enough, what will they think as my bag sits on the floor draining this yellow liquid…how much is too much of an explanation or should I just forget it and stay home?

Before you decide to stay home, talk with your PD nurse about what you would need to consider when asking about the facilities at the church. Your nurse might even tell you how you could use your cycler if it’s portable enough. After all, with the cycler, you wouldn’t have to worry about contamination from sleeping in a room with other people. The only time you have to worry about contamination is when you’re connecting/disconnecting, just like you would with CAPD.

I’d suggest you ask the event organizer or someone at the church about where you could do your CAPD exchanges. This might be a bathroom or office. You could put your supplies in that room until you needed them. I wouldn’t be surprised if your nurse suggested that you make sure that there were no drafts from heating, air conditioning, or open windows. Obviously, you would need to take the time to follow the same sterile technique you follow at home.

People travel all the time on PD. In fact, the ease of travel is one of the main selling points for PD. I’ve known people to do PD exchanges in some pretty interesting places – in a car in a parking lot or even driving, in a boat on a lake, in the bathroom on a plane, in the bathroom at a board meeting, to name just a few. Whatever you do, don’t assume that you’ll have to give up fun times with your friends just because you’re on PD.