Smoking has been linked directly to sexual dysfunction in me

Smoking is a dangerous and self-destructive habit. Various poisons contained within tobacco smoke cause or contribute to cancer of the mouth and lungs, heart problems, emphysema, gum disease and a variety of other physical diseases.
Cigarette smoking is the most preventable cause of premature death in the United States . That’s important! Want evidence of the dangers of smoking?
Consider these statistics:
A smoker’s risk of heart attack is more than twice that of nonsmokers. Cigarette smoking is the biggest risk factor for sudden cardiac death – smokers are looking at two to four times the risk of nonsmokers. Studies have shown that cigarette smoking is also an important risk factor for stroke. The evidence also indicates that chronic exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (secondhand smoke, passive smoking) may increase the risk of heart disease.
Most smokers sincerely want to quit. They know cigarettes threaten their health, set a bad example for their children, annoy their acquaintances and cost an inordinate amount of money.
Nobody can force a smoker to quit. It’s something each person has to decide for himself., Sometimes the cigarette is used as a tranquilizer… Once a smoker understands his own smoking behavior, he will be able to cope more successfully and select the best quitting approaches for himself and the type of life-style he leads.
Quitting is hard, but don’t give up!
Quit smoking Now! For better Life,!!!

health is wealth

Hi Roseman,

I’m not quite sure what relevance your post has to home dialysis–but I can add that smoking has been linked in research to speeding up the rate of kidney disease. So, people who have early kidney disease or are at risk for kidney disease due to diabetes (type 1 or type 2), high blood pressure, family history, or other cause can slow the progression if they quit smoking.

It’s unbelievable but there are many patients on dialysis that smoke, especially when I was in-center…

The last 2 people that I knew died of lung cancer …one was smoker and worked in hazardous environment and the other was result of 2nd hand smoke…always loved playing bingo every week which among those people were quite a bunch of smokers…It has been said that more people die from 2nd hand smoke than people who smoke,strange