Soda & Dialysis Don't Mix

If your a BIG soda fan, before picking that soda up think twice…some of you have wondered why blood count drops, thinking the culprit may be just the dialyzer…anyway, read more about it here.,2933,275736,00.html

Wow, I’d never heard that before, Gus. And, plus, there’s the high fructose corn syrum, which has been blamed for increasing obesity & type 2 diabetes (which is the leading cause of kidney failure). Not to mention that there’s absolutely no nutritive value. IMHO, soda is the world’s worst “food” product.

Sodium benzoate was only fairly recently added to certain soft drinks. It’s occurs naturally in certain fruits (apples, plums, prunes) spices (cinnamon, ripe cloves), and it’s added to a number of foods (mostly acidic ones) as a preservative. It’s even in certain mouthwashes. The FDA limits the amount of sodium benzoate in foods to 0.1%.

I’m not knocking the theory that it can damage DNA, but suggest that if you want to avoid sodium benzoate, you need to read food/drink labels carefully and it may be hard to avoid. However, since soft drinks are non-essential in the wide scheme of foods, that’s one place to cut back or choose soft drinks that don’t contain sodium benzoate or E211 (another term for it).

Sodium benzoate is on the FDA’s generally regarded as safe (GRAS) list for food ingredients, but according to the Fox News Report, a British study has now found it to be harmful. I did check on Snopes to see if this was an urban legend and perhaps Fox had been fooled (um, it probably wouldn’t be the first time…) but there was nothing there. It does kind of make you wonder about other food additives. But, as Beth said, this one is pretty easy to avoid by not drinking sodas that contain it…

I really think long terrn use does cause health problems…“Parabens”, used in heparin has caused me problems…