Started APD

Hi everyone,
George has started his APD, about 4 weeks now. He is on the Fresenius machine - great machine. He does 4 inflows with a dwell of 90 minutes each time - all on 1.5% solution.
It takes about 9 hours. He had a few problems at first, just getting used to it I suppose - he varies from -600ml to over -1000ml excess fliud taken off a night. He keeps 1700 ml in all day, and doesn’t usually absorb very much, sometimes has an excess in the initial outflow.
Does anyone know if that is a good amount to take off each night?
The machine also has a percentage reading at completion, sometimes it is 94%, 91%, it varies in the 90s - 94% is the highest it has been. Does anyone know what this percentage means and also what is a good percentage?
We live in a rural area of NSW Australia, and George is the only patient in our area on a Fresenius machine - everyone else is on the Baxter Home Choice so even the outreach renal nurse doesn’t know much about the Fresenius machine.
Would be glad of any information we could receive.

I’m on the Baxter Home Choice. I do 3 exchanges throughout the night, each dwell being about 2 and a half hours. and I leave 700mL during the day. I usually get about 300 of that back out with the initial drain. I only get off 100-500mL each night. (If you read this thread, you can see a week’s worth of my logs.) I was having a problem with swelling, but it was bc I was eating too much salt. lol.

Only time will tell if 600-1000mL a night is enough for him. Is he having any problems with swelling or dehydration? Those would be signs that he needs to take off more or less. Each person is different. I still urinate quite a bit, so my avg 200mL a night is good for me. :slight_smile: