Starting a new adventure on PD

Hi everyone 8)

Well, coming soon on March 30th ('06) to be exact I will have my catheter put in.
I’m 34 and not scared of a challenge…well not so far… I have to admit I am a little nervous about this procedure, BUT I can’t imagine it being worse then HemoDialysis, I first started Hemo back in '94 and was on it for 5 years till I had my Transplant. That lasted 4 years and back to Hemo I went in the summer of '03 :frowning:
Just recently I have been having heart problems, So all the Dr’s involved suggested I go on PD, They say it will be gentler on my body and heal any heart trouble that might be starting. So here I am :smiley:

What should I expect when I first get my catheter?? and then after??

Thank you in advance for any info you guys may have :slight_smile:
See you all around


After they put your cath in, you might be just a little tender for a day or two, but it is really not that bad. I really believe you will enjoy the freedom PD will give you, compared to the HD. I really couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt also. I was always “wiped out” after an HD treatment and could only go home & go directly to bed, but not so with PD. In fact, I use the cycler at night and work full time (which I could not do while on HD). My life is more like it was before my ESRD.

The main thing you need to remember is you work area must be CLEAN at all times. PD is very easy to learn & you will have fewer visits to the clinic. (I see my PD nurse once a month & my nephrologist everyother month) of course both are just a phone call away & the PD nurse is on call 24/7. I know it is easier on your heart, as it only uses the peritoneal lining that holds your organs in place, but I have never heard of it healing a heart problem - but, I’m no doctor either!!
Good luck & if you have any specific questions - don’t hesitate to ask.