Starting Nxstage

Hi all,
Told you I would keep you updated. We will be starting Nxstage Oct. 30.
The one person who is nocturnal and using the water system is having some glitches with the water system. Our center and Nxstage are working with that person to out the glitches. ie: software, heater, conductivity, and even switches.
Our center suggested we wait a month do some or all :lol: the glitches are worked out.
We are truly looking forward to “less cleaning” as Marty surley knows.

Thanks for the update. Probably not a bad idea to wait until the glitches are worked out. You sure can bet I am anxious to know what it’s like not to have all the cleaning etc. I can’t imagine what it would be like to just turn off the machine and forget everything until the next treatment time.

Also looking forward to the day when I can say heh Mom and Dad lets go see the grandkids in Virginia this weekend. Load up the NxStage and go…

I started training on NxStage 3 weeks ago and did my first treatment at home with my partner my Mom. In training I was given the option to use the PurFlo - the system that will purify tap water for dialysate and decided not to use the PurFlo but to use the dialysate bags. The purflo takes 7 hours to fill and it was just easier to use bags although the bags are happy.

NxStage is great - just be patient - it is a little overwhelming at the beginning.

Its great to hear that your giving NxStage a try! Currently, the tech problems they have are minor and eventually will be corrected soon, just give them a chance and support and they will get on with it. With a little patience I think we’re gonna see one of the most economical money saving home dialysis machines in the market today…just imagine how NASA designed the International Space Station… :roll: …if you think about where NxStage is headed well you guessed it!

Hi all,
Even though it takes 7 hours to make the water. That doesn’t bother us.
We will have to make it every day. I already have it planned out in my head. When machines go off in the morning I will disconect Ralph and remove the bag of water we used the night before and replace it with a new one for that night. Put it on and go to work. Ralph will just have to watch it for about 15 to 20 minutes to be sure there is no leakes and then he can go about his busniness for the rest of the day.
I feel we will be well on our way and confortable boy Feb or March and we will take off and drive to see my husband’s aunt in Florida (Coco beach area) We will have the bags of dialysate delivered to her for our stay there. I have been talking to the people in our center since we started nocturnal 2 1/2 years ago and it is now here!!! Hooray! Marty I will keep you informed. Chris at Rubin said you will probably watch us to see what happens and then you will probably want to do it also.
Life is great! Every day is beautiful!

Pat, Glad Chris is aware I’m thinking of changing. It’s hard to believe that the NxStage is going to give us the treatment the Fresenius does but from the post on this board it sure sounds good. Do you know yet if your going to increase your Blood Pump Speed on the NxStage? I am hopeing we won’t have too. I still believe in slower speed easier on the heart; don’t know as there is any proof its true; it just seem logical. I’ll be interested in knowing about the “sound” of the water system. I sure hope this all works out to our benefit.

I’m so jealous of you lot, send them over here, make the noise that we are suffering in the EU:)

Seriously, send a message to our PM, he;s about to disappear anyway, let him do something useful before he goes!