Starting the "Help DaVita" campaign

I got the above from a friend and I’m trying to finagle myself an invite (ok, maybe it is a long shot). I’m not always the most observant person, but I’ve been noticing lately companies like DaVita have been having a lot of awful things said about them (NBC, Atlantic, Propublica, etc…). So I decided to collect a few of these awful things - plus some extras - and put them into flyers so DaVita would have them in one place and could better answer these fabrications one-by-one:

(from the flyers it only looks like we are awful-lie-telling-jealous types who envy DaVita for their wonderful success - however, I’m undercover, shhhhh!!! Don’t tell anybody!)

I then thought DaVita would probably want to know about anymore vicious rumors being spread about them, being the kind of company they are - like poor patient care. So I thought if people had heard these nasty rumors they could post them, or if they thought it had happened to them they could post (must have been a hallucination). If you are a little shy about posting, I can be reached at the DialysisEthics website:

I will just print out the statements and destroy the rest. I’m sure DaVita would want to know what is being said! I’ll take the statements to the DaVita party myself! - or give them to my State Representative if I don’t get an invite. (My State rep helped get technician certification here in Colorado)

Well I’m sitting here waiting for my last second invite to the davita wingding and I know it is coming annny second now. Why would I get an invitation? Because I’ve got the plan to help davita with their recent public relations problems!

I thought about going uninvited since what I have is so important. But then I thought there was a slight chance davita might not like my plan, this would hurt my feelings and I am a sensitive soul. It might embarrass my State Rep if I was drug out of there kicking and screaming and thrown in the pokey. Also my wife wouldn’t bail me out, and for all I know security has a shoot-to-kill policy.

Speaking of my State Rep, I understand even he is not going now! Heck, they had me chomping at the bit when I saw the free drinks! However, I understand he and davita will be meeting in more of a private setting here soon.

The nasty things that are being said about them would stop if they would finally follow thru with their promises, such as Expanded treatments on NxState, which was promised four years ago.

Plugger, they would really hate my plan, believe me, but, I could care less. The key is to look reasonable and not crazy. :slight_smile:

Great advice! The problem is this stuff makes me crazy. However, I usually find good friends who stop me when I want to put my thumb in somebody’s eye (I’m speaking figuratively, usually I mean it figuratively anyway)