Staying positive

just wanted to see how other people stay positive about dialysis. and even though you are doing home dialysis do you have days were you feel drain. because i do especially after going to the gym.

Hi Terry
I am only fairly new to dialysis and home hemo but I know you can’t let it rule your life.
Even though I am having trouble relaxing on Nocturnal I find it is definitely worth the effort because of no fluid or diet restrictions and I like the fact that when I finish in the early hours of the morning I pack Freni back in the wardrobe. I think removing all traces and forgeting about dialysis until next time helps keep my days happy.
Maybe you are working too hard at the gym. Ease off a bit or find some other form of exercise that doesn’t wear you out so much. I drum in a Samba carnival band which is not only great exercise but is a real pleasure and de stressor.
Another way I stay positive is by reading Bill Peckhams blogs and day dreaming about exotic places. He gives me hope for a bright future and stops me wishing my life away!
Cheers 8)

What is it that causes you feel that way after beeing at the GYM, it’s a highly sociable place that in most cases is an environment about good health…do you feel you don’t fit well amongst the rest of the people? Perhaps visible signs you may have that causes the rest of the people there to act differently? Do you feel like you don’t have that energy you use to have before starting dialysis? I can tell you that you will encounter yourself in such situations like that, espcially the lack of energy that most of us can’t keep up with the rest of the healthier population. Also, if you have visible signs like your fistula that people can see publically it will affect their response and probably react to it…for first couple years of dialysis depression is a killer…don’t let it eat you. I’ve known patients that let depression take them away…don’t let that happen to you, you try your best and enjoy life…