Stopping PD

My mother has decided to stop receiving treatment and die a “natural” death. She does PD and the question is, would it be more comfortable for her to stop all exchanges after filling or after draining? In other words, will her death be better one way or the other (full or empty)? Thank you for an assistance you can give us.

While I am sad to hear your mum has decided to stop PD, it is a strong and courageous decision - and one that many make, sooner of later. In our country, more than 1/4 of all patients ultimately decide, for a whole raft of reasons, to discontinue therapy. While very hard for the family and loved ones to accept and come to terms with, I think it is a decision for the patient, and the patient alone to make … and I can only admire her and support her once she has decided.

As for ‘full’ or ‘empty’, there is little to pick between them. As the fluid she leaves ‘in’, if full, will most likely soon be absorbed, she will soon be effectively empty and, at the end of the day, it makes little difference. I would probably ‘drain’ then ‘cap’ and then ‘leave’. But either is OK. The main issue is to be there for her in the final days. I wish you well … and your mum a gentle journey. God speed.

I dont have answers but wish you and your mother peace with this. Bless you for wanting to help…