Stuffed up Iron!

All that talk about problems with Iron and I jinxed myself last nght.

Haven’t needed any for 4 months, did usual procedure for giving infusion over first hour of nocturnal run last night, arterial bubble trap went frothy, didn’t think too much about it. About to drift off, noticed venous bubble trap very full and blood in transducer. 2 attempts to lower trap and change tranducers later, still not happy but was too stressed to do it again, left it alone and tried to sleep unsuccessfully worrying if any air got into my blood.

Wish they would make that procedure for changing transducers easier. Thank God I had hubby there to think logically because I went to mush! Useless! It has been so long since we had a problem, I had no idea how quickly my logical thinking side goes to pieces in an emergency.

Shouldn’t have read that previous post about Iron. :shock:


I’m with you on making changing wet transducers easiers. That’s the problem with not having very many alarms, it’s been so long you kind of forget. I have an instruction sheet I grab when I have a wet transducer, I do OK as long as I follow the sheet and don’t think for myself.

SO do you use the heparin pump to input your iron in, in hour 1 Beachy???
-like the way we used to do it in the last hour on daytime.
We were taught to manually put it in, up front, for nocturnal, NOT using the hep.pump. This can be a bit tedious :roll: , especially with the G-Fre lines that Gambro make & supply us. But they once sent me a box of genuine Fresenius lines :smiley: , which have the injection tab right near the wrist…so I keep these for Fridays (the day I do iron & epo) :wink:

It’s nice to know i am not alone trying to remember things in an emergency.

Bear, yep i use the heparin pump for Iron after a bolus of Clexane, then whip the Clexane back on. Can’t do it in the last hour as that would be around 4am… not very bright then! i use fresenius lines, mine must be different unless you mean the Arterial or venous port ??

Hey, I am determined to get back into surfing on the boogie board in the next few weeks. Been doing laps to buid up paddling fitness again. When are you bringing the missus down for a day at the beach?
Cheers 8)

Yes - I mean the arterial line. I ‘save’ the genuine Fresenius lines for Fridays for iron & epo. THe arterial line input tab is right near the wrist. On the Gambro “G-Fre” lines we usually get, the tab is almost at the pump!

Karol is no longer a ‘beachgoer’ type. Altho a sit on the veranda with a chilled glass of bubbly might be the go. I’ve told her you’re both ex-teachers, so she’s O.K for ‘teacher talk’,as always happens at gatherings of her friends that are also teachers :smiley:

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