Tapeing dialysis needles


I thought I saw a product that did away with paper tape and clear plastic tape to secure needles to fistula.

What do you folks use? I have problems with tape holding on to wings, making wing and tubing stickie ( real word?)


I think everybody comes up with their own technique for taping. WHen I was in-center, I insisted they use nylon tape, as the plastic tape always left too much residue on my arm. After starting at home, I’ve changed to paper, and that still leaves too much gooey residue.

As for taping, I use seven regular strips and one a little shorter that I shear in half to make it narrower. I put the first rright over each wing, then use the narrower ar a restrainer that goes around the wings and down. I then use a second full strip on a diagonal across the wing. after that I put another full a few inches above and below the BHs. These act as extra hands when I am pulling needles at the end of tx. The seventh I use as a restrainer for my venous as I curl my line. The only time I sort of pulled a needle during tx was when I reached a couple of feet for the phone. Otherwise it works perfectly for mu upper left arm AV fistula.