Teardrop cannulation


Are teardrop cannulation and wet cannulation the same thing? Is the webinar or any Informtio. Still available with pictures to explain the technique?


Khaileah1 ,No they are not the same, wet cannualtion is using a 10cc syringe full are partially are full of normal saline use in most case to help with access that clotted. Tear drop is placing a single drop of saline into the buttonhloe tunnel track to help the needle slide down the track. When using teardrop you will see the normal saline disappear, and there is no infection risk associated this procedure. It was invented by me because some PT it was difficult to get the needle down the track. It is like useing a lubricant.


How is the saline applied to the buttonhole?


one to two drops depending on the deep of the access,directly into the buttonhole tunnel track