hello everyone i have been thinking and one wordi dont like is patient i think sometime we fall into that label and forget we are also man and woman. so my doctor or nurse have stop calling me the patient. i think this word is not proactive, but a somewhat negative label. do anyone else feel this way.

I agree that language does matter and kidney disease is full of loaded terms – End stage, compliance, patient.

I think it is a case of using language from the acute model for a chronic condition. CKD 5 is chronic. Do we say diabetes patient? No, we use the term diabetic when talking about those with diabetes.

We need a term to talk about those with CKD 5. I’ve used terms/phrases like ‘consumer’, or ‘person needing dialysis’ but they are cumbersome and distracting. How about using an ‘or’ ending to indicate the individual and their chosen treatment?

Dialyzor: one with CKD 5 and who uses dialysis, “As a dialyzor I have to control my potassium intake.” As a group add an ‘ors’, “Dialyzors have better outcomes treating at home.”

You could use Transplator, PD dialyzor, home hemo dialyzor. Dialyzor has the advantage of conveying meaning in fewer words. You can say dialyzor in place of dialysis patient – 7 fewer letters; 2 fewer syllables.

Someone referred to us somewhere as “Dialystas” which I thought was rather stylish! :stuck_out_tongue: