Posting today to say thanks to all on this site who are the pioneer group of home patients who lend your time to educate and encourage the first harvest of home patients. I have learned more from you than from my nephs and dialysis staff. Not putting them down -last thing we need to do is put each other down. Certainly they are busy folks caring for a large patient load. But it is so important to have a sense of organization and purpose in educating patients so they will flourish and not be stifled. Just want to let you know never to undestimate the service you provide here in preparing patients to make the leap into home programs. I have noted everything said here as I prepare to make the transition to home. You were the tool that has given me the confidence to shake my nephs harder to start a program, and to know that if you can do self-care at home, I can, too. It’s harder to see all of this if it isn’t close and personal through one’s unit, but through the wonder of the internet, you have opened up the possiblilites of optimal care out of your personal journies. So, thank you Dori and Beth, and home program pioneers, for all you do to make life better for others.

Geez Jane, your too kind! I hope all goes well for you, but at the same time your post feels like your departing from here…like a farewell? I hope not! You’ve been very active here, supposedly alot more than others but strange is that you never registered here…

Thank you, Gus. No not going anywhere…in fact, registered today as Bill suggested so I can edit articles shared of any rif raf. Are there other benefits/responsibilites of registering? What are your reasons for feeling ppl should register in groups? I am not very computer savy-just get on the net to give and recieve info.

Sure thing… :oops:

Of course, there’s benefits! Firstly, you’ll recieve updates and news of whats going on here at HomeDialysis Central, secondly, you have total control of your posts and finally, its an honor to be full dedicated member here with us and start having your numbers of posts grow by the day! 8)