The best start for wellness on dialysis

I have wondered how many yrs. one will add on to his life by bypassing in-enter dialysis and going straight into SDD or SND at home as some have been able to do. That’s my thought -what do you think?

Jane, Jane, dear fellow dialysta sister. You shouldn’t be thinking these thoughts, they can do your head in!! :cry:

Actually beachy, I think it’s a good and valid question. Just wondered if the option of going home instead of starting in-center could be measured in terms of longevity…

I well suspect that it can/will be measured…but these things take years to put the stats together. But simple not-so-common sense would suggest that you’ll have the odds more in your favor, long term, if you are dialysing more often, for longer, with better clearances.
IN-center ‘victims’ usually get 3x4 =12 or 3x5 =15 (if they’re lucky!) hours of dialysis per week. Even doing daytime HHD I was getting over 20; on nocturnal I’m getting over 30.
In-center folk are having perhaps 700mils of fluid ripped of them per hour, some days…I really go over 400 (actually 400’s supposed to be the limit) for nocturnal, but I do a shorter Sun.night run of 6 (awake) hours, as my 4th session of the week, so I do go above if I have the fluid on.