Those doing nocturnal on NxStage

I am trying to find out which providers are allowing their patients to do NxStage nocturnally. There’s Pat’s husband through Rubin Dialysis. Is Rubin privately owned, for profit or non-profit? Then there’s Bob who is at a non-profit. Bill is backed up by NW Kidney Centers- is that a non profit? There’s Mel and hemohelper- don’t know anything about their clinics. Trying to see if it’s just the private and/or non-profits that are the progressive clinics in this respect. Could it be that the corporate clinics have some kind of arrangement not to offer nocturnal txs on NxStage??

NKC is nonprofit

Our center is also not-for-profit


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Hi Jane

Yes the center I’m in now is non profit, the first unit was for profit and offer nocturnal ,BUT not on nxstage.

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Rubin is also Non Profit!!!

Wow- only have hemo helper left to hear from- will he break the pattern? Think there are a few more patients on other boards who said they were doing nocturnal on NxStage or have been promised to start. If anyone runs into one of them tell them about this thread.