Tidbits of Info

I typed cost of nocturnal dialysis in a search and found that both Canada and Austrialia have done a cost analysis of home nocturnal patients vs in-center patients and the cost for home nocturnal was less. In this cost analysis savings on meds, epo and SS dependency were NOT included.

In this months NN&I a letter to the editor was put forth by Fresenius Medical Care North America Vice-President of Marketing HD equipment. I quote…“An increase of dialysis therapy does NOT raise the cost of therapy significantly nor add extensive voluminous inventory.”

This months issue also stated there were 500 patients useing NxStage and over 1200 useing Fresenius. I haven’t seen figures on the PHD.

The article also pointed out some of the advantages of the Fresenius. Fresenius believes the task-oriented prompts and help screens will reduce training time with the 2008K@home machine. It’s reliablility and flexibility to accomodate all HHD treatment methods short, long, nocturnal, diurnal, thrice weekly or daily was noted as an advantage.

Final paragraph of article… At Fresenius Medical Care, we are committed to offering HHD equipment and services that allow patients the flexibility to dialyze at home. In the interest of our patients, we hope that more dialysis units will start a HHD program and wish all companies promoting HHD success.

If they spend millions sending men to the moon, why can’t they take care of things right here on earth?
People often explain that doing more frequent dialysis (home pts.) will cost more but I have yet to understand since no staff are involved and the cost of utilities is paid by the pt… The only thing that may cost to my way of thinking is extra supplies for the added txs… the center still gets paid the same but doesn’t pay the same out on a continual basis for an incenter pt… what they would pay for added staff and utilities should more than make up for the nominal fee for some extra lines ect… to do the extra tx… When they say they don’t get paid for extra txs that should only apply to in center txs, not at home txs. where the pt and family are unpaid staff. Thanks for the comparison. Lin.

The govt. are too money hungry Lin. Ours is too busy sending zillions overseas to rebuild the country that WE helped destroy. Plus we sent billions to the tsunami appeal and god knows what else. And how many millions did it cost to build the Olympic village JUST for the olympics???
Need I say more? :roll:
Correct me if Im wrong fellow Aussies, but wasnt there 10 million left over in this years budget? Why is it left over? Why cant they allocate it those that need it the most? :x

What interests me alot is this machine from Fresenius, the features and technology it claims to have…Hemodiafiltration…

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