Time-saving tricks to getting on nocturnal

for those doing noctunal txs, do you have any timesaving tricks to getting on tx at bedtime when one might be too tired to do the setup? Do you ever feel too tired at that time of night ( 10-11 p.m.) to put the needls in?

Well I usually fire it all up around 8, backwash,water test, machine on, disinfect…so it’s all ready for about 9. So I’m usually cannulating between 9 and 10, and not too tired. I continue to watch t.v. for an hour or so, have a last cup of white tea, lights off & hopefully drift off…zzzzz :smiley:

Exactly same as Bear only I am on by 9.30 usually. Might disinfect and put lines on earlier if I know I am in danger of falling asleep on the couch in front of idiot box after dinner. 8)

With the NxStage you just have to hang a saline bag and your dialysate bags. My partner does that when he breaks the machine down in the afternoon. I run from 5am and have about an 8hr tx. The NxStage does a diagnostic every 15 mintues so I actually am on it longer then the 8hr tx. He works graveyard and we were told that I can never be on the machine without someone in the house. Preferably in the same room, so we got rid of our queen size bed and got him a twin and me a Lazboy recliner to sleep in. It works pretty good. After seven years of being together though it is just like being an old married couple that sleep in seperate beds.

Why do I keep hearing this about not dialysing alone on the NXS ??? Are they just being overly cautious or what? :roll:
I am only one of about 1/2 dozen people attached to my unit, who dialyse alone on their Fresenius 4008s…some during daytime, when their partners are at work (as I was for 4 months); others at night, a few of whom live alone. My wife is in the house, but 2 bedrooms away from where I dialyse. 8) …I’m back in that double bed on non-dx nights!!

LSB wrote:

I run from 5am and have about an 8hr tx. The NxStage does a diagnostic every 15 mintues so I actually am on it longer then the 8hr tx.

What do you do on the machine for the 8 hrs. since the benefit of nocturnal is to have all one’s daytime hrs free? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone who does a daytime 8 hr tx. Does this schedule feel comfortable to you? It seems you would have to have a lot of patience, unless you sleep in the daytime and stay up at night.

Also, you mention that the NxStage does a diagnostic every 15 minutes -I thought it was less often then that.

I sleep in the day and stay up at night. I have had this schedule for years anyways. My partner and I used to work at a bar. He was the bar tender and I was the sound system guy/DJ.
I am pretty sure it is every 15 maybe it is every 30, but it does it a lot. I don’t pay much attention to what it is doing… If I get alarm I mute it and figure out what needs to happen.
Also the reason I am on Home nocturnal is not the same as most people. I am on home nocturnal for access reasons. I use a quinton that was starting to fail in center. With home nocturnal it is going good. I have also reached a point were quality of life has become a issue.