To Dori & Bill

Well it’s darn right true … I’ve gor some work to do getting around this site … feel like a rookie… ow well

Bill thanks for pointing “Dori” out to me … and Dori I replied to Doris OOP’S
sorry… and Yes Bill… Anne was on dialysis for 3 1/2 years before having a transplant, London Ontario , 11 years ago … she’s fine and going strong. We’ve met, Anne, Jessie and I , with the same nephrologist who was involved with Anne’s operation, he’s been pushing to have Jessie on the list pre-dialysis

Bill just to let you know…I’ve heard a hell of a lot about you … all good !

Richard C/O Jessie

Thanks Richard. I really enjoy and am motivated by the people I have met online, it’s great that you found your way here and decided to participate in this great community.

I went straight to transplant (from my older brother) in 1988; my first dialysis came two years later when the FSGS reoccured in the transplant. I think that is a great option, one thing I’d do different would be to have the fistula placed.

Besides having an access available it also brings home the CKD5 reality, the need to pick the right treatment option at each stage, which if the transplant isn’t available then the next best option is daily nocturnal hemodialysis (baring some kidney function and the whole hemo v PD debate - did Jesse consider PD?). I hope a way is found to support you at a distance.

The Northwest Kidney Centers, my provider, did support home hemo dialyzors as far away as southeast Alaska, 350 kilometers wouldn’t get you to Spokane if you started in Seattle and NKC had dialyzors in Idaho and Eastern Washington. But I think before the new machines (designed for daily) everyone was doing the standard 3x week schedule.

Maybe a compromise (or gateway modality) would be to do every other day nocturnal. Would Jessie be able to dialyze incenter locally? Would he be able to backup locally?

Bill has a great point–PD is an excellent first treatment for kidney failure, for a number of reasons. In fact, we wrote an article about this that you can read at: