TO make a carrier in PD centers

Hello Sir
my name is manish kumar yadav from India.i am a male nurse and i am working as a CAPD Clinical Co-Ordinator in a international company.i wants to make my carrier in Home Dialysis Centers in U.S.A.or U.K.
pls, tell me that how can ido this?
i will be thankfull to you.

Manish kumar yadav
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Manish, I’m not sure that any of us understand what you mean by “make my carrier.” Also, this is the PD Patient message board, and this may be a question better suited to the PD [/i] Professional[/i] Board.

I think he means “career”. If so, I suppose he’ll have to emigrate to the US, qualify to take his RN boards, pass and apply for a job as an RN. AS far as I know, reciprocity for licensure doesn’t apply to nursing programs outside of the US.