To Post or Not to Post

Hi Folks

I see on the board an area for sticky notes. I take it ,that these are for reading only most or at all times?
But I’ve had some questions and I did post once on the sticky ""next free webinar 6/23/08"“and Rich answered me. But I’m having issues login on site. They sent me a new password but I’m still not able to get in. “The reply I had gotten was that the site"WiZiQ” were security reasons.” Is there a proper way of replying to a note? And is anyone else having issues login?

Bob OBrien

For whatever reason, WIZiQ is requesting that people who had registered before must change their password. I don’t know the teason, but other sites I’ve been on have asked me to change in the past as well. I just went ahead and changed it to sometinhg more personal to me thanthe one they sent as a temporary one. It isn’t something that should bend you out of shape.