Training additional care partners for home dialysis

Hi, my father and mother are in New Jersey where she is his trained care partner. She is having health problems which may put her out of commission for 4+ weeks. Can my siblings and I get the necessary training in our home states of IN, CA and OR so that we can be prepared to take over for her? If so, how and where? He will refuse to go into a care facility.

Thank you.

Having him transfer to another clinic in another state so one of you could learn to do his dialysis might not be so easy. The clinic would have to accept his insurance. The clinic would have to provide the training. Training for peritoneal dialysis takes only a few days but if he’s on home hemodialysis, training can take several weeks. Most clinics train Monday-Friday during daytime hours, which can interfere with a job. If he can do most of his dialysis himself, a friend or neighbor might be able to learn to be an extra pair of hands or to call for help in an emergency. However, if your mom does most or all of his dialysis, he would need someone fully trained. Has your mother or father talked with the dialysis clinic and asked what they would suggest? They may know someone who has the training and experience that your parents could hire to help with the dialysis. Finally, although most home dialysis patients prefer to do dialysis at home, dialysis clinics are supposed to have a way to provide backup dialysis for home patients in situations like this and they may suggest that your father do in-center dialysis temporarily.