Training for home hemo

What was your training like? I’d like to know about other’s experiences. How long did it take you to become comfortable with conducting your own txs? Were you afraid the first time you did a tx on your own at home? Did your feel totally prepared to go home? Did it seem tedious at first? At what point were you able to relax? How long did it take you to set up a tx when your were in training? How long does it take now? How did your nurse trainer go about training you? How could your training have been better? Besides self-cannulation, what were the most difficult skills to master? Were you bewildered by the long number of consecutive steps to doing a tx and the fact that one boo boo and you could have serious problems?

I know, alot of questions-I would be interested in any you can answer.

Check out The guy kept a daily log of his training and first few days at home. Bill is an inspiration.

Also Follow his journey from in center to home dialysis - interesting on many levels – Jim is a fabulous guy.

That’s one of the reasons that home dialysis patients should have their own blogs so that they can document their experiences about home dialysis. It will only help spread out the word, the goodness about doing home dialysis…more people will be convinced about this trend.

I noticed Bill PechHam’s updated link to his blog… :smiley: If you visit my website you will find a few other people’s links to their blog site and if your missing from that page feel free to let me know and will be happy to link to your blog site…just keep in mind its strictly for home dialysis patients…

I stay in India and here there is probably no one else who does nocturnal daily at home. So there is no such thing as training. I have a male dialysis nurse who comes home every night and does everything for me. He is excellent and really knows everything about the treatment.

But beginning yesterday, he left on vacation for 3 days and he arranged for another male nurse to come instead of him. Now this new guy is not half as good as the regular guy and this really frightens me.

I was wondering if, in the long run, it might be a good idea to come over to US for about 6-8 weeks and get trained in this. Does anyone know if this is possible? How much will it cost? Or any place that I could call and check? I have a lot of friends and relatives in the US who will be willing to help me out in any way. Does anyone have suggestions on this?

Thanks a ton…

Is there a reason the nurse doing your treatments can’t train you? If you came to the U.S. it would be dialysis nurse you received your training from. Basically speaking all we are taught is how to set up the machine and maintain them and how to access our access. Medical issues remain the responsibility of the Nephrologist and Nurse in charge of the program.