Transonic testing

When our nurse does transonic testing, she changes gloves inbetween patients, but does not wash hands. What do you observe?

I have transonics regularly, but I can’t say I’ve ever noticed - so I have no answer for your question. In centre, it was once a month, and since I’ve been home, it’s about once every 3 months (or whatever the doctor orders).

Isn’t there a transonic device for home use?

There is a device that can be added on to a Fresenius machine. I was on the trial which was assessing this compared to the Transonic machine the last months I was in-centre. Unless there’s some other concept out there, I doubt this could be done at home, because it involves switching the two bloodlines between needle lines and back. It’s kind of tricky to do as a couple of times at least, you have to hold both open bloodlines at the same time. I wouldn’t want to have to do all this.

For those who aren’t familiar with this, a Transonic measures the flow and recirculation in your fistula. It’s part of good fistula maintenance to do this regularly.


Which brand does your clinic use? Are there any kits available for home use? For example, I already have a laptop and wish to have a kit so I can do it at home… :slight_smile:

Critlines also perform this test and can be purchased for home use. They are safer as they do not require open lines. They are pricey, but a great diagnostic tool.

You mean this?

I want one… :roll:

Checkout CritScan