hello, I have been coming to this website for years, I need some advice. My brother is coming at the end of the month to give me a kidney that is scheduled for the 7th of October. I am very scared of the surgery can anyone share their experience with transplant? Is it good or bad


this is home dialysis board, but you might wanna checkout Angie’s Community Board
The girls running that board there recently got transplants.

Don’t be scared, its not too bad. Had one in 1979…not bad at all. Luck!

The transplant team should educate you about what to expect with transplant and to answer questions you might have about such things as how to prepare for surgery; what to expect with the surgery including where the incision will be, when they’ll get you up out of bed, how they’ll manage any pain you have, how long most people stay in the hospital; how long it will be before you can get back to normal activities; how often you’ll need to be seen by the transplant team; when you’ll be referred back to your nephrologist; what medications you’ll need to take and how to take them; what costs are associated with transplant and what you can your insurance to pay and what it might not cover.

You can read the Transplant Living website for information to know before, during and after transplant:

The National Kidney Foundation’s TransAction Council’s website has information about transplant, including patient profiles, message boards and more.

You can also find a message board for transplant recipients at:

Hello everyone I am going to be starting the anti rejection drugs on Saturday and the surgery is on Tuesday. Still very nervous and would love to get advice from people that have been through this. I know this is for home dialysis but this forum has given me some good advice

Your transplant team will keep very close on your care, so all you have to do is keep in touch with your transplant team and report any unusual side-effects you may get with those anti-rejection meds. The most important thing is not to get too nervous, that won’t help. Just relax, all will work out on its own. Good Luck with the kidney!!