Tricky manoeuvre!

Anyone else tried this?
On Nocturnal I find I sometimes need to go to the bathroom and don’t like to have to think about recirculation in the middle of the night soooo…our ensuite is conveniently very close to my side of the bed and we find that I can get up off bed and keeping my arm at relatively the same height, hubby moves Freni to ensuite doorway and I can go to the “loo” in comfort.
Obviously cannulas are very well taped! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried that, the machine was right inside the bathroom right next to me…har har har…fits lterally anywhere… :oops:

I would love one of those little guys. The sooner they come to Oz the better. Freni takes up so much space. :frowning:

This is something I’ve wondered about. I have never one time had to use the restroom while on 3x incenter dialysis. I’ve seen other patients who have to go and it is such a production. Do those on nocturnal txs usually get through the whole 8 hrs without having to go to the bathroom?

I find most nights I can just make it through the 8 hours depending on how much I have had to eat and drink at dinner time. Even if I only have a very light meal at night (before 7pm, I go on around 9pm) I still find lasting the 8 hours difficult at times. To put it bluntly too much food and it all comes out rather quickly in the morning. Might be just me but this applies particularly if I have eaten meat at night.
We have had to change our routine at night quite a bit because it is summer here, hot and light until around 8pm. No-one feels like eating and going to bed too early but as I am a morning person coming off at 5am suits me best. 8)

Well, we can always use a mobile toilet… :smiley:

Lovely Gus
Is there a flushing model, if not I’ll stick to my technique! :wink:

:lol: There’s an idea – a home dialysis chair that comes w/ flushing capability.

Maybe could get the same company to market my husbands idea for a snap-on Teflon fistula protector sleeve which can be attached to a long sleeved shirt while doing work which could possibly cause fistula injury.

Gus, you getting this down? :lol:

BTW, beachy, good technique.

ROFL! (Rolling on floor laughing!) :lol:

It’s possible making your invention come true(the flushing) dialysis chair but really I think is rediculous! …

Now c’mon, what’s wrong with the mobile toilet seat? Just close your eyes and hold your breathe when cleaning it… :lol:

Hey Lorelle
The snap on fistula protection is a goer I’m sure. Would be very handy to keep those needles firm on Nocturnal too. We use stocking type bandage and roll it down over needles but your idea sounds much better.
As for your suggestion Gus, you can have that all to yourself. Having spent a few years owner building in the Aussie bush with an “outback dunny” (aka hole in the ground with pan over top in a 3 sided shed looking out over the rolling hills ) I don’t want to be that close to the “elements” again for a while! :smiley:

Hehehe, it will come to the point these days that we ourselves will have to use one or even worse someone else will need to do it for us…but also keep in mind that if there was ever a disaster and the home sweet home toilet is broken then we have to confront what we hate the most in life. On the other hand living the wild west times or just being a cowboy/cowgirl over the hills is okay… :smiley:

I already have two type of guards. The first is a converted shinguard for soccer. The second is made from metal formed to my arm via a plaster cast. It has some padding and leather straps to hold it on. I built it for when I ride a motor cycle, accidents happen, and I don’t want it to get hurt.

Hey Troy
Your metal number sounds like something from Tina Turner’s “Beyond Thunderdome”! I would love to see it any chance you could show us a photo? 8)

Well, we can always use a mobile toilet…

Hey don’t laugh… I found a porta potty never used with the tag still on it at a garage sale for only $20 :oops: I gritted my teeth and bought it all the while thinking to myself, “I pray to God I never ever have to use it!!!”. Now that I got it home I’m wondering where to put the thing. Just looking at it makes me feel 90 years old. What am I supposed to do, put it in the closet and drag it out everytime I do a tx? Maybe I can paint it psychedelic colors and people will think it’s something left over from my hippie days UGH!

Hi all,
We do not use a porta potty. When hubby needs to go I just recirulate.
I do not find it difficult. I used to get the lines mixed up but now I just put an extra paper tape on the arterial line. Don’t have to undo much and use saline to flush. Works great!
Pat Colongione :roll:

Can’t all you guys go before you start :slight_smile:


Hehe, well I always do!.. :roll:

Pat wrote:

We do not use a porta potty. When hubby needs to go I just recirulate. I do not find it difficult. I used to get the lines mixed up but now I just put an extra paper tape on the arterial line. Don’t have to undo much and use saline to flush. Works great!

Do you think it would be relatively easy for the patient who does self-care to unhook himself, recirculate, flush with saline? Good idea re tape on arterial line.

Hopefully needing to go during the tx is not a too often event.

It introduces a lot of opportunity for contamination and mistakes, plus, you can’t have your blood just sitting there for 10 minutes without oxygen and then pump it back into yourself. In my program, there is no provision for disconnecting like that. Once you’re on, you’re on. They don’t even teach it.


When you were in-center did they disconnect patients to go the the rest room? In every unit I have been in it is done with numerous of the patients. As I said, fortunately for me, I have never one time needed to use the restroom during tx, so I have never given much thought to the safety of the practice. Also, I have wondered how hygenic/safe can it be for numerous patients to all be using the toilet during a tx. Patients have told me that the restroom conditions are deplorable.

But on the subject of the possiblity of needing to go at home during tx as some patients say they have to do, I am all for knowing the best way to accomplish.