Trust in the Healthcare System and Choice of Home Dialysis


Yes Healthcare providers dont like to be get questioned abouthe processs.
i gnerally ask may question if its related to money bcause the money we earned is hard earned and cannot rely on them to how they should use it.
i read each and every paperwork and terms and conditions before aggreing uponnan agreement


It’s important for patients to do their own research about their condition, equipment they use and processes. Make a list of questions to ask the doctor or other staff member with the highest priority question first since time is often at a premium especially when talking with doctors. Do your best to ask your question(s) using a tone of voice that doesn’t come across as an attack on the person you’re speaking with. Feeling attacked triggers defensiveness. Once someone becomes defensive, there’s a barrier to effective communication. Maybe this article will help you communicate concerns in a way that gets a more satisfactory response.