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I did not write for a long time, but our situation is stationary, went to surgeon and are waiting for fistula surgery in May or June.
The tests are the same, and we hope to have one last “free” vacation in summer if the doctor allows us. So these are the news relating to us.

I know that this is a home dialysis forum so this is for info, not for discussion.

Last night at CTV they showed a first ( in Canada I think) two couples that donated kidneys. The respective spouses did want to donate but were not a match, so the hospital found the match for the other, so one spouse donated to the spouse of the other couple. The surgery ( quadruple 2 donors to transplants) were done in Nov, and last night they showed them all four at Tv . Another one is scheduled in spring and the hospitals want to begin a program of matching couples.

You read about it online on the CTV news website:


It is in today paper also, Toronto Star

They have a kidney swap program at my hospital.

My daughter wanted to give me a kidney but is the wrong type so when I am ready they will find us some one to swap with.

Me-B daughter -A They will help us find some one that needs an A that has a B donor.

Sounds good to me I would rather have a live donor. I think it give the organ a better chance of working well.

Also if you are way down on the list and you have some one that is not a match for you they can donate to the next person in line on the list and you will move up to the top of the list.