Two stories from the NYTimes

Hi Folks

I don’t know how many read the Times. I have found the web edition of the Times very easy to browse. (I’ve been to a # of web editions of newspaper from around the world) As to how one sees the Times depends on how one thinks. I don’t see too far right or too far left. I see the stories as stories. If they are 100% true or not, they tend to deal with current issues. The stories I paste and put on this site deal in one way or with medical issues that we are ourselves talk on from time to time. I don’t (can’t recall at least if I copy and paste the story itself) I give the you the reader choice of reading or not.

This story is on Dr’s and the % of drs that find the people they see as being hard to deal with or not, and what are hard issues. The story is not long.I found it somewhat amusing to hear what Drs think of as in term of a hard patients.

the second story today is a blog type in which people on dialysis talk about how they see dialysis and kidney issues.

Here is a follow up story on the New York City dialysis center that was shut down due poor hygiene. A few question come to mind. Where was the the people who worked there? The Drs, nurses, social worker , health dept inspector? Or did this center just over night grow the conditions? What happens to the folks who were came down with Hep C? What happen to the rest of the folks that went there? The center where I started I saw the same issues, so did the everyone else. this center ran two shifts a day 0n avg 60 people a day. Where would these people go. There were two center with 20 miles on east and west. Both run by the same company both much smaller centers. It a shame that people on dialysis have no legal group that can advise and help with case like this, instead people on dialysis are left to fend for themselves. Until dialysis get legal group that stands by our sides to advise us as to how to handle ,we must fight are own fights. No help esrd, nkf. or any other dialysis group.

bob O’Brien