I’m new to CCPD (about 1 week). I was on Hemo for 2 months and manual PD for 1 month. I have had two negative UF readings on my cycler and have gained about 1.5 KM and have some swelling in my feet. I know I need to watch how much fluid I take in. I’ve been looking for a good explaimation for UF. Can anyone help me.

Here is a press release from Baxter, the company that makes Extraneal. Extraneal is a type of PD solution that doesn’t use glucose (sugar) to remove fluid. The press release has a brief description of PD ultrafiltration.


Thank you! Very helpful!

You don’t want that much extra fluid on board - it raises your blood pressure and is hard on your heart. So first thing you might consider is talking with your physician or PD nurses re: how you might change dextrose concentrations to get the extra fluid off.

Then you’ll need a plan for the long term to prevent it from happening again. Also, in the future, if you take your blood pressure and weigh every day, you should be able to make adjustments to your dialysis when you first start gaining extra water. Good luck!