Unit's profit

Considering there is no overhead and you will not be in the hospital as often, but unit only gets paid for 3 txs per week if one is Medicare, have you ever figured out what your unit profits on your home tx?

I don’t think it’s accurate to say there’s no overhead. The unit still provides supplies, nursing care (we have a nurse available to trouble-shoot problems 24-hours a day), a social worker, nutritionist, biomed support and probably many other services that don’t immediately pop into my head. Frankly, I doubt the unit makes ANY money (and may well actually lose money) on patients who have Medicare primary. I believe most units that offer home hemo are only able to offer the program because of the profits they make on patients who still have commercial insurance primary. However, I just also say that while my husband is the former, not latter, group at this point, he has never been treated one iota differently by his unit. In fact, when he has been ill, they have bent over backwards to provide whatever he needs regardless of how it impacts their bottom line.