Urination with daily txs

Know this was asked before, but there are some newcomers. do you find that with daily txs your urination is less?

Hi Heather,
My husband doesn’t urinate at all. And hasn’t since about a month after starting dialysis.
cheers Queenie.

Hi Heather.

This is an interesting question. I still urinated a fair amount while on ordinary 3/week hemo… about 1/2 a litre per day. I found that once I started daily hemo, I urinated very little during the 6 day or nocturnal stretch, but I urinated considerably on the off-day. I infer from this that daily hemo kept me fairly dry most of the time. The upside to this was that I didn’t need a single BP med while on daily nocturnal for going on 1-1/2 years.