[Vacinnes] Did you get Sick?

How many of you on homedialysis were or are vacinated against Hep B? If you did get the shots did you get some adverse reactions? If so, what did you feel?

I have had two series because I didn’t show immunity after the first. My arm got a tiny bit sore after one of the boosters but that is it. Even though I do home hemo and don’t use EPO or need transfusions, I guess I figure that considering that my blood leaves my body nearly every day, I’d prefer to be safe than sorry, and this comes from someone who doesn not get a flu vaccination.

self home hemo 9/04

I’ve had them and I had no reaction, no problem whatever, and I’m usually pretty sensitive to these kinds of things.

Even on home hemo, I think it’s still a good idea to have them, because you never know when you might have to dialyze in-centre or in a hospital. Any reasonably aware person can easily see how many opportunities there are to come into contact with other people’s blood in a dialysis centre, even if it’s just from fingerprints here and there on things patients touch but which are not cleaned after every patient leaves over the course of a day.


I did get the hep. series and had no problems from it. I also have taken the flu shot each year I’ve been on dialysis and have had no serious colds at all until this last year. It rather surprised me to be cold free for so many years as prior to going on dialysis, and never haveing taken a flu shot up until that time, I had vey bad colds each year. I finally did get an aggravating cold, but it did not last long. And we got the flu shot late this year due to the shortage.

Two Series? You mean another 3 shots again? Or you mean just a 2nd shot?

I use to get flu shots, but discontinued as I was not feeling right and not well, especially in summer. For example, I would feel weak, drained, with flu like symptoms in summer but well in winter… :?

But after stopping the flu vaccine all that disappeared…so it’s been over 5 years since I stopped the flu vaccine.

Yes, two complete series of 3 shots, about two years apart. This time I now show immunity. I was told sometimes people with kidney disease the first series doesn’t take, that was me, but luckily the second series did take.

I guess I’m weird about the flu vaccines, it always seems to me that as many people who got the vaccine get the flu as those who don’t. I don’t think that I’m high risk for getting it, especially doing home dialysis, less exposure from lots of people.

Oh that’s quite a ride, ouch! … I just got my first shot last week… :roll:

True about flu, in-center is a high risk environment for the number of people dwelling there everyday, but at home that risk is minimized.

Not colds, but a real flu can be disastrous for someone with kidney failure. It probably won’t, but the potential is certainly there. I would get the shot whether I’m dialyzing in-centre or at home. Besides, you never know what can happen that you might have to go in-centre or to a hospital over the course of a flu season.

By the way Cathy, I also had two complete series of hep shots. I think they were exactly a year apart. I had no problems with either of them.



Two Series? You mean another 3 shots again? Or you mean just a 2nd shot? [/quote]

My husband has had the series3 shots, ( all of them) three times now. They never seem to work. He has hepC and I wonder if that has something to do with it. But, he is up due for another test to see if he has immunity now. He doesn’t have a problem with the shots, he gets a little sore arm, thats all.


Yes, I’ve had the full 3 shots twice.