Venus access having a hard time accessing his

I’m having a hard time accessing my husbands Venus I have done everything I never have problems accessing either line what can I do?

If you haven’t talked with his home training nurse, I would suggest doing that. You could also post your question to the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group at There are 3 questions to answer before one of the moderators will accept you into the group. The group has over 5,000 members, many of whom are on home hemodialysis. Questions are usually answered fast there.

OK where are you having trouble at upper arm are lower arm. Is it a buttonhole are rope ladder cannualtion. how deep is it

had that problem for a long time. Finally went to nurse for additional training and found only that my angle was too shallow. a lip had developed on the button hole and i was trying to go through it instead of directly into button hole. Retraining is great (Every 6 months to one year…) All has been great since retraining…

That is great news! Thanks for the update and for the reminder about the value of retraining.