Videos, featuring me, available online

Follow the link to download a 50mg video that was shown yesterday at a Northwest Kidney Centers fundraiser. I’m not sure how long the video will be available on the site I’m linking to but Dori may be able to post it on HDC once I get permission or it may end up on the NKC web site.

You’ll need a QuickTime player to watch it and depending on your connection speed it may take over thirty minutes to complete the download.

The video and getting honored publicly was a new experience after the video when the lights came up I was at the microphone and said a few words.

It wasn’t up for very long. The video that was shown at the Breakfast has been replaced by the video that I’m using as part of my Power Point presentation on Friday - this video shows my “on” proceedure including cannulation. This cannulation video is 3-4 minutes, with light music in the background - no narration yet.

On Friday I’ll talk over the video in person and then sometime next month I’ll have a version available online with me speaking over the images.

I have a copy of ther Breakfast video at home and will try to upload it to this site - can I up load a 50mg file?

Check out the cannulation video and let me know what you think. Th3e next project will be to shoot the off.

Its about time, :slight_smile:

Great job Bill, well done… glad to see these kind of videos from patients coming in…

Will have some of my own coming soon too…

P.S. Hope not to scare people away…hehe

Coming back to the subject of video blogs, will host patient videos or does it hog the bandwidth which the host may shut down?

An alternative maybe could be those free video hosters out there like and others…

Just wondering… :roll:

I think we’ll find away to get them on this site. The self dialysis video isn’t done - still need to do a voice over. And the other video is NKC’s - they’ll let MEI use it. I’ve been trying to post it to this thread but it’s too big.

Gus do you ever watch I’d do that with you - we could talk about what’s being writen on renal sites.

The video that was shown at a recent Northwest Kidney Centers breakfast fund raiser is now posted on Home Dialysis Central. It promotes NKC by show casing me:
it’s about the third thing down and it is a big file that you’ll need QuickTime to play. It played on my computer after about five minutes - it’s a 50mg file.

The video talks about my travel as a dialyzor (29 countries on 5 continents), people say nice things about me and you get to see my dog. I like the video because it presents a positive message about living with dialysis that is counter to the messages we normally get about dialysis being a terrible fate that makes life barely worth living. I’m not saying I am a typical dialyzor but I am saying that ones world view of dialysis has to include me – you can thrive without working kidneys. And while I don’t make the point in the video I do believe I wouldn’t seem as unusual if more people were able to get high dose dialysis.

Dori (thank you Dori) isn’t sure what the impact of hosting the video will be but she’s willing to see if the site can handle feeding a relatively big file. I should have the cannulation video with voice over available in the next coup-le weeks.

This video is too large, nothing played and it crashed the browser… :oops:

Something else is wrong, perhaps was encoded wrong? Try splitting this video into parts for better steaming or even better convert these videos into flash(much smaller size) …

Other than that its a good start on getting these video up here :wink:

Are you using Firefox or IE? Try using IE.

I just discovered, you acutally need the whole ITunes package… :? …it won’t work with just the apple quictime plugin …it did work with FireFox, and and IE, but crashed with Opera…

Also, its not streaming correctly. As soon as it starts downloading it suppose to play.

People who use modems will suffer from this but a download link to the movie itself would also be wise.

Anyway, my braodband handled it okay… 8) …great video! This stuff really gonna help and inspire other patients.

Well done Bill! :slight_smile:

Thanks Gus, I think one way to download the video and then play it is here:
This link is to the actual file and you should be allowed to download the file to your computer, then play the file when it is done.

I have a PC and I found that I had to download QuickTime which is free and can be found at:

Once I downloaded the free viewer (I had to give my email address but unchecked boxes for regular notices), the video popped up when I clicked on the Home Dialysis Central link to it.

I have a high speed cable Internet connection so if you have something slower, it would probably take quite a bit of time to download…but it’s inspiring – not only about Bill but about the Northwest Kidney Centers – and well worth any wait.

I’m going to post the link to social workers on the CNSW listserv so they can see how fully people on dialysis, and especially on home dialysis, can live. Thanks, Bill!!!

I uploaded the video of me that was shown at the NKC Breakfast of Hope to Google Videos. If you were having trouble downloading and playing the QuickTime version on Home Dialysis Central here is a link to the video on Google:

Thanks for uploading this to google, many more people will be able to see it with ease… :slight_smile:


Thanks, Bill, I appreciate your making it easier to access.

Finally the cannulation video is posted here:

Let me know what you think.

Thanks again Bill! Great video, pro quality…hey do you mind that I promote this video in the coming weeks? Would you have the higher quality version? Was gonna make additional links…

Hi Gus,
Feel free to use the video - it’s fully permissioned on Google so you could embed it.

As far as a high quality version – I have it as a DVD, which I converted to a MPEG4. Dori is thinking about either embedding the Google feed or I will let her FTP the MPEG4 from my FTP site or if a QuickTime is needed then it’ll have to wait ‘til next week. I’m willing to make it available how ever people would like it.

Gus, I’m wondering what advantages do you see in downloading the file v. watching on Google? Do see a downside to posting the video on Google? I hope it isn’t picked up by some needle f e t i s h group.

Nice video Bill, I was surprised to see that you used the cuff of the BP to aid in sticking yourself, your fistula is nice and big why do you do it?