Water usage on Nocturnal

Does anyone have the general figures for how much water is used during an 8 hour nocturnal run ( plus disinfect and rinsing) for a Fresenius machine?

I believe it is about 300-400 gallons a day depending on your r/o machine, some use less water than others as they “recycle”.


Thanks Cathy
I get the reply I need quicker by posting a question on this forum than sending hubby down to fight his way through the garden to read the water meter!
Cheers 8)

My estimate is the same as Cathy’s. I have the R/O drain plumbed so I can send the water either to keep the swimming pool full or water part of the garden. If neither is needed I can switch it down the drain. Our electric/gas utility gives special rates for home health care equipment but our water utility does not so water costs quite a bit to support 6x Fresenius nocturnal.